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"Stefania Tallini is a talented pianist but her biggest promise reveals it as composer and arranger."
(Jerome Wilson, "CADENCE MAGAZINE" United States)

"Stefania Tallini proves to be a composer with great creativity and a pianist with an extremely cantabile style."
(Handy Hamilton, "The Wire" - Great Britain).

"The Roman pianist has - with subtle elegance and nuanced - of logic, intuition, disposition to risk, the improvisational talent and a clear quality of touch" ("Jazz Podium" - Germany)

"... This pianist and composer, who in Italy has become a phenomenon has nothing to envy to the great masters of jazz lyricism.
(M. F. "JAC" - Spain)

"The Roman pianist of whom we had reported several times about the depth of her writing and the happiness of installation of her music, signs an album of excellent caliber. This album composes of the artist's soul: as an arranger, composer, and organizer of clever sound materials. It also shows her soul that loves dance and ethnic references and even her melancholic side. Here, we wonder and wait of the heat of discovery and to find something new and unknown at the same time. Stefania Tallini manages to give voice to all this. Great. For real".
(Vincenzo Martorella, Jazzit)

"The style of Tallini, the various elements are compact and smooth, so naturally expressive: the size of the plan alone, the great attention to writing, the measure and the overall balance of improvisations set the stage for a speech and articulated consistency..."
(Jazz Convention - Fabio Ciminiera)

"Album after album, Stefania Tallini confirms a top talent in the jazz scene today. A multifaceted personality, which is enhanced in piano technique and, above all, in rare talents as a composer ... Intense, almost tangible, which can penetrate deeply, thanks to a highly mature and poetic message. Not to sound cliché, but it is indeed, beautiful. Stefania has a wonderful touch, her instrument seems to sing, so the tone is round and crisp, and the technique relies on admirable agility fingers... The originality is immediately recognizable. A great job, which I think should be nominated as the best album of the year." (Massimo Tarabelli, Ancona Jazz)

"During the 44 minutes of music that formed the album "The Illusionist", you have the 'illusion that many platitudes that offend the ear have been banned, the music is just real and true, imbued with contemporary banality. Stefania Tallini composes, performs and arranges her new album in an absolute solitude; her originality is consistent, as shown as well in her previous albums that made her one of the best international jazz musicians. As matter of fact, her original composition, New Life has been included in the "Italian Real Book." Listening to "The Illusionist" takes your breath away. At the end, it urges you to push the "start" button again. (Jazzitalia, Alceste Ayroldi)

"Stefania Tallini with her music penetrates every heart. The musical compositional research has become the ultimate expression of the self. Now in her album "The Illusionist", the pianist has been confirmed as one of the best exponents of Italian jazz: her music takes care of every detail, from the writing to the arrangement; thorough research, passion for the instrument and has embraced the teachings of the great pianists of the past, make this musician of great elegance and of substance. (Andrea Scaccia, Left)

"An album in Piano Solo is important and significant to anyone, and the Roman pianist arrives there after years of successful experience in a field of expression that goes from jazz to the South America music. The classical imprint is evident in the harmonious wisdom, in the precious touch and the influences of the Romantic style, but the improvisation work is appreciated, as evidenced by the imaginative development of Over the Rainbow, which is the only song not original."
(Musica Jazz - Leonardi)